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What Are You Reading?

Back in March, I polled my Lean Network to see what Lean Six Sigma books were inspiring them lately. The response was not as strong as I had hoped, but it was adequate to provide some data that may be helpful to you. Some new books made the list as well as some old favorites. My hope is that this information is useful to you in your Lean journey. The books are rank ordered by number of responses.

1. Toyota Kata (Rother)
2. Chasing The Rabbit (Spear)
3. Velocity (Jacob, Bergland & Cox)
4. The Gold Mine (Balle & Balle)
5. Leading The Lean Transformation (Koenigsaecker)
6. Listening To The Voice Of The Market (Reidenbach)
7. The Toyota Way Field Book (Liker & Meier)
8. Modern Approaches To Manufacturing Improvement (Shingo)
9. Adhocracy (Waterman)
10. The Toyota Way (Liker)
11. Creating A Lean Culture (Mann)
12. How The Mighty Fall (Collins)
13. Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard (Heath & Heath)
14. Kaizen Sketchbook (Cooper)
15. The Kaizen Field Book (Hamel)
16. Made To Stick (Heath & Heath)
17. Andy & Me (Dennis)
18. Creating Mixed Model Value Streams (Duggan)
19. Managing To Learn (Shook)
20. Lean Six Sigma For Service (George)


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