The 4-L’s

I was taking my morning shower recently and an idea sprang into my head.  The shower happens to be one of my most creative thinking spots.  I guess I get relaxed and the Right Brain kicks in.  I firmly believe that God gives ideas and direction during quiet moments.  He gets full credit for this one.

Best selling books and Business Gurus expound on ideas to be a better leader and person.  Here is an idea to excel in life and business.  The 4-L’s.  The 4-L’s are Living, Loving, Learning and Leading.

Living – I mean really living not just existing.  Do you have balance?  Is it all about your career?  Does your work bring you joy?  If you place too much priority on any one part of your life, then the other parts will suffer and balance is lost.  Yes, work and career are important.  But family, community, spirituality and health need attention too.  Proper attention to the other segments of life will rejuvenate the spirit and help you find meaning and joy in work.

Loving – Who do you love?  Do you love yourself?  If not, don’t keep doing the same old thing.  Make a change and ignite good things.  Is your relationship good with your spouse, children, parents or extended family?  If not, remember, we are only on this earth for a fleeting moment.  Patch things up.  Do you know that you can actually have love for your co-workers?  Where is the love in Corporate America?  Greed hinders love.  Achieving goals together and sharing credit/profits helps foster love/respect/excellence.

Learning – What are you reading that is expanding your capability?  Leaders are readers.  Never stop learning.  I wonder if Depression and/or Alzheimers could be prevented or delayed if we maintained a zest for continuous learning.  Corporate America is very demanding and expects new ideas and energy.  I have seen many leaders plateau because they stopped learning and did not have anything new to give.

Leading – I heard someone say that Managers give direction but Leaders inspire others to do great things.  John Maxwell said “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  Be the leader that God intended you to be.  Don’t know how?  Start reading.  Emulate other leaders that you respect.  Take on new challenges.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Ask God to help you and he will.

Don’t misunderstand me, I personally need to improve in the 4-L’s, but I am willing to take a risk.  I pray that you will take a risk and that joy finds you.


I continue to read about the so-called tension between Headhunters and Corporate Human Resource professionals.  Given the difficulty of finding top-talent, I don’t understand why this tension continues to exist.  Being a former HR Executive, I do understand the pressures that HR people are under and the fact that very little time exists for them to search for talent.  I also think that the Headhunting community is too critical of HR.  I think we can all work together and realize the value that each of us bring and focus on long-term relationships.  Headhunters must add value and deliver to Clients and HR Pro’s must expand their networks and understand that Headhunters are some of the very best networkers by nature.  We can all benefit from each other and we certainly need to support each other as the “War for Talent” heats up.

The Beginning

Well, you have to start somewhere.  What a great day to be a HeadHunter!  As I gaze out the office window at the stunningly beautiful Crepe Myrtle’s, I think about the amazing grace of God.  How lucky I am to be blessed with this profession and the talent to do it well.  The technology we have at our disposal is miraculous.  Who would have thought it possible.  What will the next 5 to 10 years look like?  Finally, I wonder what God thinks of blogs?